apple chutney

Since autumn officially arrived, we came up with creative ideas for using the handpicked apples from the garden. It is on the dice to use them for tarts, a classic strudel or a sauce, but today we starved for something different, in particular something spicy.
We decided to go for classic apple chutney and pair it with some cheese and a glass of wine.


peach ice cream with caramelized walnuts

It is well known, that different smells and tastes remind you of different situations of your past. There is something special about ice cream as we associate only positive facts with it: For us, ice cream means summer, warm nights, holidays, long walks, happy childhood, sunshine, and so on… This weekend we’ve decided to add a new positive association: We combined one of our favourite fruits with caramelized nuts and tadaa: a new all-time-favourite ice cream was born!


italia moderna

Last weekend we had a very special evening in the nice Italian restaurant RIO in Feldkirch (Austria): Kevin Micheli, the 22-year-old world champion chef, cooked in his hometown a 7-course menu on the subject of italia moderna. We have already heard countless rave reviews about the young chef, so we had naturally really high expectations – and we were not disappointed at all! Every dish was special: sometimes surprising or unusual – but always on a high quality and in terms of taste just perfect. Besides the cooking he even served and explained some dishes personally. 




First of all, we want to make clear that at least the male part of magianfood could and would NOT live without meat. Additionally his opinion about vegetarians is not that good – to say the least. This brings his refusing and negative attitude about soybeans, seeds and grains along.
However, when one of our favourite food blogs – Love & Olive Oil – called to their August kitchen challenge (they invite everyone to participate and try new things in the kitchen), it was HIS idea and ambition to make homemade tofu.
Well, you probably can imagine my astonishment, but as I am a firm believer in tofu I was more than happy to accept the challenge!
As always, when it is about trying new things in the kitchen, he was on fire: we informed ourselves about the preparation, bought everything we needed and roped his dad for making us a wooden tofu mould.


You know (well, that’s probably the main intention to start a food blog), we really like to cook and try new things. Although we have soo many ideas in our mind, that we could cook three different dishes every day, we love to go in really good restaurants and get inspired by their ideas and appearance! As we do not live in a hotspot for fancy restaurants – to say it the least – we highly appreciated the opening of the gorgeous restaurant “Zum Freigeist” of Markus Schobel and chef Jan Lucas Härle in Vorarlberg (Austria).

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