First of all, we want to make clear that at least the male part of magianfood could and would NOT live without meat. Additionally his opinion about vegetarians is not that good – to say the least. This brings his refusing and negative attitude about soybeans, seeds and grains along.
However, when one of our favourite food blogs – Love & Olive Oil – called to their August kitchen challenge (they invite everyone to participate and try new things in the kitchen), it was HIS idea and ambition to make homemade tofu.
Well, you probably can imagine my astonishment, but as I am a firm believer in tofu I was more than happy to accept the challenge!
As always, when it is about trying new things in the kitchen, he was on fire: we informed ourselves about the preparation, bought everything we needed and roped his dad for making us a wooden tofu mould.

We were both more than surprised how easy it is to make homemade tofu and in addition how good it tastes. Honestly, it is so much better than the stuff you buy at the supermarket. So why don’t you just give it a try? Don’t judge tofu by the vacuum-packed variety you know from the supermarket. Make it fresh and get positively surprised.


For one block of tofu you’ll need

4 ½ cups dry soybeans
4 cups of water + 10 cups of water + 1 cup of water + ½ cup of water
1 tablespoon nigari (Magnesium Chloride, we used this)
Pressing cloth (we used this)
Wooden tofu mould (or a box with holes)

Start with soaking the soybeans in water for at least 8-12 hours. Then rinse the soybeans and blend the beans with 4 cups of water until you’ll get a good pulp. Now bring about ten cups of water to boil in a large pot and add the soy beans-pulp. Let it cook for about 8-10 minutes until you can see some froth. Now put your pressing cloth over a huge bowl and strain the soybean mixture through it. Squeeze out as much liquid (this is your homemade soy milk) as possible. The next step is to mix together the nigari with ½ cup of water. In a pot you have to cook the soy milk over medium heat again, stir continuously and after about 7 minutes add the nigari. Now you can see how the milk coagulates. Let it cook for 2 more minutes and then put the coagulated soymilk into your tofu mould, which is carpeted with your pressing cloth. Close the box (if you do not have such a tofu mould, you can also use a potato masher or put some weight on top) to press out any excess water. After 10 minutes the tofu is ready for further preparations. If you do not need it immediately, store it in cold water in your refrigerator.




Have fun trying new things. We are glad we did it!

P.S. Have a look at the results from the kitchen challenge on their blog: we are featured with a picture on their blog. yaay!!


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